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2020 - 2022: Surname change & a new arrival

The last two years were inevitably influenced by the Corona pandemic and as for everyone else - it was a difficult time for my family. But there have also been bright spots, e.g. the change of my last name from Pernitzsch to Westermann (through marriage :-)) as well as the birth of our daughter in the fall of 2021. After the end of my parental leave, I am ready to hit the ground running again in 2023.

03/2019: VIZBI in Heidelberg

For the first time I had the pleasure to take part in the EMBO Workshop "Visualization of Biological Data". This workshop offered new insights into extraordinary visual concepts presented by experts from all over the world. I enjoyed stimulating lectures & discussions with bioinformaticians, data scientists, experimentalists, and fellow scientific illustrators. To me, the VIZBI presented a truly inspirational environment. Looking forward to seeing everyone next year! 

2019: Self-employment at its finest!

Starting February 2019, I am living my dream to work full-time as a freelance scientific illustrator. I am looking forward to compelling new projects & challenges and supporting you by graphically highlighting exciting aspects of your research.

2018: Helmholtz-Institute for RNA-based Infection Research (HIRI)

The past six months held a number of professional challenges and fascinating insights into the worlds of scientific communication and public relations. As the Assistant to the Founding Director of the new Helmholtz-Institute here in Würzburg, my experience as a scientific illustrator helped shape the image of the brand HIRI. 

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11/2018: Scientific Communication

I was intrigued by two events in November 2018: the 11th Forum Wissenschaftskomminkation in Bochum & the NaWik Workshop "Scientific Communication" in Potsdam. I had a lot of fun discussing the challenges and opportunities of scientists in communication and learning more about inspiring projects and creative formats.

10/2018: Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Among the impressive historic buildings of the Trinity College in Dublin, I enjoyed lively discussions on the logo design of the newly founded research network CONTRA (Centre on Targeting Resistance to Antimicrobials). Many thanks to Carsten Kröger & Joan Geoghegan at the Moyne Institute of Preventive Medicine. 

08/2018: University of Helsinki, Finnland

Mikael Skurnikand his colleagues from the Department of Bacteriology & Immunology at the University of Helsinki gave us a warm welcome and introduced us to the Finnish way of microbiology and how to enjoy life above 60 degrees latitude.  

07/2018: Campusfestival, JMU Würzburg

As part of the HIRI team, I contributed to the scientific fun and entertainment at the Campusfestival. In our booth "BAC WARS – THE MICROBIOME STRIKES BACK“, we raised awareness on the importance of the microbiome and its impact on human health and disease.

2017 - 2018: Davis, CA & London

I am a big supporter of interdisciplinarity in science and always keen to professionally advance myself and expand my horizon. That is why I worked abroad in Davis, California in 2017 and in London in 2018. Besides expanding my graphic design skills, these stays outside of Germany helped me to experience different work structures and broaden my international contacts and networks.

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