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Journal Figures

High-quality journal figures will improve the citations of your research paper. Bring your data to life with engaging scientific visualizations.  

Cover Artwork

Many peer-reviewed journals appreciate submission of a scientific cover artwork together with the research paper. This is a unique opportunity to put your research on a spotlight. 

Graphical Abstracts & Infographics

Graphical abstracts and academic infographics are popular tools to present scientific findings in a clear-cut but compelling way. Promote your story to your colleagues, at conferences, to a broader scientific community, or on social/public media.

Technical Illustrations & Methods

Technical illustrations are used to communicate the structure, workflow, principal, or mechanism of an object, concept, or method. Use these illustrations to teach/explain your techniques and methods in an accurate, but also intriguing way.  

Poster_Future of Publishing_final_PRINT_
Posters & Flyers

Intelligently-designed posters and flyers will help to advertise your next event and inform the participants about the most important details (content, program, speakers, location, etc.).

Icons & Logos

Icons simplify and summarize an idea, concept, operation, or action and are often used in applications. Logos are recognizable symbols primarily used to represent your business, organization, conference, research team, or unit in a simple, memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropiate way.


Here you can find some of my personal artworks and designs, including water color illustrations (marine biology) and comics.

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